Management Consulting & Investment Banking Internships 2023

VALOR is a Finnish Management Consulting and Investment Banking boutique that supports boards
and executive teams both locally and internationally in creating lasting value. We combine
experience with fact-based analysis to deliver pragmatic and efficient solutions.

We are now looking for analyst trainees to join our teams in both management consulting and investment banking. An ideal candidate for an internship is a master’s level student with a strong academic background, good analytical and social skills, good knowledge of both Finnish and English, and most importantly, the motivation and drive for professional development.

An internship at VALOR gives you an excellent opportunity to kick-start your future career
through working on projects in strategy, growth, and business development, operational
improvement and process design and M&A.


• The opportunity to quickly build on your core consulting skills, from data analysis and
synthesis to client communication
• Full involvement in the entire life cycle of a
project with a dedicated role
• Flexible working mode
• Day-to-day work in an informal, inclusive,
and fun environment
• Competitive compensation and benefits
• Mentoring and coaching


Send your application to Hanna Raunio,
hanna.raunio@valor.fi by Sept 18th, 2022.
Please indicate your preference between
management consulting and investment
banking in the email subject line.
Include and combine the following documents
into one PDF-document:
• Cover letter
• Curriculum Vitae
• University Grade transcripts
• Matriculation examination certificate

Master’s Opening with Columbia Road

So you’re going to be studying a master’s degree in ISM or Business Analytics! Congratulations!
The Aalto Business Technology board (Formely ISM) welcomes you to our opening event 🤸‍♂️💃

Come join us all for a relaxing low-barrier shindig where you can get to know the Aalto Business Technology board, some information about your new masters, and one of our wonderful partners Columbia Road while having the chance to chat with some of your peers 🧑‍🎓👩‍🎓

If you are not a new master’s student but wish to join anyway, you are welcome.

So, be there or be square our wonderful master’s students 😇

What: Master’s Opening with Aalto Business Technology board and Columbia Road.
When: Monday the 5th of September @ 1800.
Where? Rantasauna Jämeräntaival 5, 02150 Espoo, next to the water 
Who: Anybody is welcome to join, but it is geared towards new master’s students in ISM and BA 
Cost: Free!
Facebook Event: Can be found here
Anything else? Pizza, chips, dips and some light refreshments on offer. BYOB if you wish to have more than what is on offer 

ISM Wellbeing survey 2022

We have already spent 2 years in the pandemic situation that has affected studying and student life significantly. Last year Aalto ISM conducted a wellbeing survey for the first time and results showed that our students were facing challenges and there were serious issues with adopting the online study practices. Now we want to hear from you again on how you’re doing to see if the situation has changed from last year.
We appreciate all the answers, and please notice that none of the questions are mandatory. Feel free to share any of your feelings and thoughts about the ongoing situation. We are actively trying to improve the student life of our ISM students with e.g. events, communication channels and advocacy work, and we want to collect information to answer to your needs better. Therefore, we may share anonymized data with our Information and Service Management faculty so that we can make a change in course practicalities also.

Here is the link to the Wellbeing Survey open between 16.3 and 29.3 2022. The results of the survey will be published in April.

Combient Foundry – Venture Client Internship Fall 2022


Combient Foundry launched in 2018, with KONE and Stora Enso, to speed up industrial-grade innovation by working with startups in a way that creates real value for all parties. Since then, we’ve expanded our alliance of like-minded global brands to include Atlas Copco, Scania, Husqvarna Group, Autoliv and Epiroc. We work with some of the most capable startup founders on industry-pressing, even globally critical challenges, such as reducing waste and energy-consumption, and development of autonomous vehicles, robotics, and logistics solutions to build the next one hundred years of industries.

We are now looking for the brightest, entrepreneurial-minded students to join our exciting journey as Venture Client interns.

As a Venture Client intern, you’ll be working at the intersection of ambitious startup founders and business development teams of leading industrial brands. You’ll get to learn:

[i] what the cutting-edge solutions in the world are and how the top-tier startups stand out in the crowd,

[ii] what industry-leading companies are looking to solve now and in the future, and

[iii] how large companies and startups work together to decrease time-to-market.

You will be responsible for designing and executing startup market analysis, analyzing startup deal flow, synthesizing startup scouting results, and participating in internal business development initiatives.

We welcome brilliant individuals with varying educational backgrounds, hunger to learn fast, and capability of stellar execution. Here’s what we value important:

  • Our ideal intern candidate is doing their master’s program, or is on the last leg of their bachelor studies
  • We value a proactive problem-solving mindset, a sense of ownership, and an entrepreneurial drive to get things done.
  • In our daily work, we value an optimistic attitude with a mind for deep analysis.
  • When it comes to your life outside working hours, we make sure you can take time for what is important for you. You might even find a colleague sharing the same passion or get to teach us something new.

This internship begins preferably in mid-August 2022 and lasts until end of the year. This can be a full-time or part-time (minimum of 60%) internship with flexibility in terms of working hours. In according to present recommendations to social distancing, most of the work can be done remotely. Our Helsinki office is located at Bulevardi 44, next to Sinebrychoff Park.

For more information about the role, what to expect from the recruitment, and how to apply please do not hesitate to contact the recruiting responsible Martyna Kosmala, martyna.kosmala[at]combient.com and visit the website from the link below – before the application deadline Thursday the 10th of April (link).

VALOR is a Finnish management consulting and investment banking boutique that supports boards and executive teams both locally and internationally in creating lasting value.
We combine experience with fact-based analysis to deliver pragmatic and efficient solutions.

We are now looking for recent graduates and soon to be graduates to join our team.
Typically, our recruits have or will soon obtain a Master’s degree in fields like industrial engineering and management, finance, or economics. An ideal candidate is a person with a strong academic background, some relevant work experience, excellent analytical and social skills, good command of both Finnish and English, and most importantly, the motivation and drive for learning and professional development.

We want our people to have a passion for what they do and enjoy their daily work.
That’s why we staff our projects based on our consultants’ individual interests, preferences, and development goals. You can work as a generalist in a wide range of projects or choose one or two focus areas (e.g., healthcare, energy, telecommunications, strategy, operational improvement, M&A, investment banking).


• The opportunity to quickly build on your core consulting skills, from data analysis and synthesis to client communication
• Full involvement in the entire life cycle of a project with a dedicated role
• Flexible working mode
• Day-to-day work in an informal, inclusive, and fun environment
• Competitive compensation and benefits
• Mentoring and coaching
• Personal budget for your professional development


Please send your application to Hanna Mäkinen, hanna.makinen(at)valor.fi.
Please indicate if you have a preference between management consulting and investment banking.
Please include the following documents and kindly combine them into one PDF document:
• Cover letter
• Curriculum Vitae
• Grade transcripts
• Matriculation examination certification

We select candidates and organize interviews on a continuing basis during March and April 2022.

Career Evening x Aalto ISM x Valor x Vuono x Deloitte

WHAT: Career Evening with Aalto ISM, Valor, Vuono, and Deloitte
WHEN: 23.3 at 1800 – 2330
WHERE: 10. Kerros, Kaivokatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
WHO: All ISM students
DRESSCODE: Business Formal
PRICE: 25€
SIGN-UP: Starts Friday 4th of March at 12:00, the link will be published in the FB event description as well as Telegram ISM Events Channel
FB: Here

This event is held in English

Welcome! Welcome! ISM students!

How do we see being back on campus? As a celebration! So how do we celebrate? With no expenses spared of course!

ISM invites you to join us for a beautifully decadent 3 course meal with wine, champagne, and panoramic views across the vibrantly lit Helsinki skyline. Whether you choose to view it inside, amongst timeless architecture, or from the rooftop terrace is entirely up to you. We have the entire 10th floor to ourselves.

It’s nothing short of spectacular and it’s exactly what we deserve after being locked away from our professors for so long!

Oh no! That must be expensive, surely?? What’s the value per euro??

Well don’t you worry! The value is high (85€)! And it gets even better; we have reached deep into our pockets and partnered with some of the finest companies in Finland because they want to dine with you!

So, join us on Wednesday 23.3 and get to hear some short introductions from Valor, Vuono Group, and Deloitte. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with their wonderful representatives and discuss your careers with a drink in hand, and the city lights glimmering in your eye

.…So, what are you waiting for? Go get your name on that sign up form and get on the inside track to success!

Those who sign up will be sent a confirmation of participation before the event. The number of spots is limited and signing up does not automatically guarantee a spot in the event. Please note that the sign up is binding. If you need to cancel your participation, please do it at least 24 hours before the beginning of the event by sending an email to hello@aaltoism.fi. Alternatively, you can also message us at Aalto ISM’s Facebook page, or Instagram.
ISM students are prioritized, but Non-ISM students are also welcome.

For more info about our partners and the venue view their websites!
Venue: 10. Kerros
Partners: Valor, Vuono Group, Deloitte

See you on the 23rd!

Join the Effective Altruism Intro Program

**English Below**

Liity mukaan Effective Altruism Finlandin intro-ohjelmaan!

Tahdotko saada urallasi aikaan mahdollisimman paljon hyvää? Oletko kiinnostunut oppimaan ja keskustelemaan maailman polttavimmista ongelmista? Haluatko tavata eri aloilta tulevia kiinnostavia ihmisiä, joilla on intohimo hyväntekemiseen?

Effective Altruism Intro Program on palkitseva ja avartava pienkurssi, joka alkaa huhtikuun alussa. Intro-ohjelma kestää kahdeksan viikkoa, ja se pitää sisällään lukemisia ja keskusteluja esimerkiksi uravalinnoista, etiikasta, globaalista terveydestä sekä ihmiskunnan tulevaisuudesta. Osallistujat saavat loistavan mahdollisuuden keskustella samanhenkisten ihmisten kanssa siitä, mitkä ovat parhaita tapoja auttaa. 

Ilmoittaudu 13. maaliskuuta mennessä: 

Join the Effective Altruism Intro Program!

How do we do good, better? Do you want to build a career that not only benefits you but also has a real positive impact on the world? Would you like to meet interesting people from multidisciplinary backgrounds, who have a shared passion for doing good? The Effective Altruism Intro Program is an eye-opening and rewarding 8-week program starting on April 1st. Every week consists of readings and discussion on themes like effective career choices, empathy, global health and existential risks. The program offers you a great opportunity to talk with and learn from like-minded people about doing good in effective ways.
 Apply by March 13th: 

Kuntarahoitus is now hiring!

Are you interested in summer work in the financial sector for the summer of 2022?

Kuntarahoitus (Municipal Finance) is now hiring for the summer!

Kuntarahoitus is one of Finland’s largest credit institutions. With us, you can develop your skills in comfortable and knowledgeable teams. We offer jobs to students and recent graduates in a variety of roles from risk management to technology services and from business planning and information management to accounting and reporting!

Check out our summer vacancies from the link and apply! The application period ends on February 9, 2022.

Recruitment Consultant at Columbia Road

We are looking for ambitious students or soon-to-be graduates who are motivated by driving a measurable impact on our business. This role is absolutely crucial to our growth: finding and contacting people we believe could be our new colleagues. With us, you’ll get to grow professionally amongst over 130 exceptionally talented people while helping our clients to grow their businesses. Wouldn’t this be just the ideal way to start your HR, recruitment or consulting career?

Interested? Read more and apply asap!

Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy: Tilastoinnin ja yritysasiakaspalvelun osaaja

Tyyppi: Täysipäiväinen, vakituinen
Haettu tausta: Valmistunut
Työaika: 37,5 h/vko
Toivottu aloituspäivämäärä: Sopimuksen mukaan syys-lokakuussa
Sijainti: Tynnyrintekijänkatu 1 C, 00580 Helsinki
Haku-DL: 20.9.2020

Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy on voittoa tavoittelematon, Suomen teollisuuden ja kaupan vuonna 1997 perustama ja omistama palveluyhtiö. Yrityksille tuotamme tehokkaita ja kestäviä ratkaisuja pakkausten tuottajavastuun toteutukseen. Kuluttajille tarjoamme Rinki-ekopisteverkoston pakkausten keräykseen, järjestämme myös lasipakkausjätteen kierrätyksen.

Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy etsii nyt joukkoonsa kiertotaloudesta kiinnostunutta moniosaajaa. Tässä roolissa tehtäväkenttääsi tulee kuulumaan raportoinnin ja tilastoinnin tehtäviä sekä yritysasiakkaiden neuvontaa ja kouluttamista. Raportoinnin ja tilastoinnin saralla työnkuvaasi kuuluu tilastojen tuottaminen, yritysten raportoimien pakkaustietojen auditointi sekä kehitystyö, jonka tavoitteena on, että kerätty tieto muuttuu hyödynnettäviksi raporteiksi.  Yritysasiakaspalvelun tiimoilta teet eri kanavissa asiakasneuvontaa, joka liittyy pakkausten tuottajavastuuseen ja pakkaustietojen raportointiin.  Tehtävässäsi seuraat myös vastuualueesi lainsäädäntöä ja kehityshankkeita.

Olet etsimämme henkilö, jos sinulla on tehtävään soveltuva maisterin tai diplomi-insinöörin tutkinto ja valmiuksia tehdä raportointia ja datan analysointia. Sinun ei tarvitse olla data-analytiikan spesialisti, vaan riittää, että osaat käyttää hyvin Exceliä ja olet valmis oppimaan uutta. Tehtävien hoitaminen edellyttää hyvää englannin kielen taitoa. Toivomme sinulta myös reipasta asennetta, palveluhenkisyyttä, itsenäistä työotetta ja valmiutta toimia monenlaisten sidosryhmien kanssa. Pienessä organisaatiossa ei ole kiveen hakattuja rooleja, joten toivomme myös, että olet joustava ja tartut toimeen siellä, missä apua tarvitaan. Näemme eduksi aikaisemman tuntemuksen pakkaus- tai jätealalta.  

Hakijalta odotetaan:
– Soveltuvaa maisterin tai diplomi-insinöörin tutkintoa, esim. kauppatieteet, ympäristö- ja luonnonvaraekonomia tai tilastotiede
– Hyvää Excel-osaamista ja valmiuksia analysoida dataa
– Kykyä ja halua toimia asiakasrajapinnassa palvelu- ja koulutustilanteissa  
– Joustavaa ja palveluhenkistä asennetta
– Valmiuksia itsenäiseen työskentelyyn
– Vahvaa suomen ja englannin kielen taitoa sekä tyydyttävää ruotsin kielen taitoa  

Lisäksi eduksi katsotaan:
– Pakkaus- ja jätealan tuntemus

Tarjoamme sinulle: 
– Merkityksellisen toimenkuvan vastuullisuus- ja ympäristöasioiden parissa
– Monipuolisen tehtäväkentän, jossa pääset toimimaan erilaisten sidosryhmien kanssa
– Kompaktin kokoisen ja kehittyvän organisaation sekä mukavat työkaverit
– Viihtyisät toimitilat Kalasatamassa hyvien kulkuyhteyksien varrella    

Mikäli tämä tehtävä herätti kiinnostuksesi, lähetä hakemuksesi ja CV:si viimeistään 20.9. mennessä aTalentin hakujärjestelmän kautta osoitteessa: https://apply.atalent.fi/suomen-pakkauskierratys-rinki-oy-tilastoinnin-ja-yritysasiakaspalvelun-osaaja-9-2020. Kerrothan hakudokumenteissasi palkkatoiveesi ja mahdollisen aloitusajankohdan tehtävässä.  

Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy:stä voit lukea lisää osoitteessa: www.rinkiin.fi. Hakuprosessia ja tehtävää koskeviin kysymyksiin vastaa Rekrytointipäällikkö Lisa Jokinen (050 599 1835, lisa.jokinen[ät]atalent.fi).  

Tässä tehtävässä työllistyt suoraan asiakasyrityksemme Suomen Pakkauskierrätys RINKI Oy:n palvelukseen.