Fall 2021 Events

The start of the academic year is here soon and so it’s time to take down the most important dates for the fall!

Upcoming ISM-events:

  • 18.9. Bachelor’s Opening
  • 21.9. Master’s Opening
  • 1.-3.10. Study Trip
  • 10.10. Sunday Hike
  • 29.10. 1st After Exams
  • XX.11. Novemberfest
  • XX.12. Pre-Christmas
  • XX.12. Autumn Meeting & Board Elections

Note that excursions with our amazing corporate partners are still on the planning table and will be announced later! The events and dates are subject to changes based on current COVID-regulations.

Stay updated with our events and excursions by following our social media channels. You can always find the updated event calendar from our website.